(Because I needed a hobby)


Posted June 24, 2015

People have a bad habit of complaining. Sometimes it's about themselves, sometimes about others. It's easy to do, which is why I think people default to criticizing one another in casual conversation. You've certainly heard others doing it, and you've done it yourself. You complain about how busy you are, your job, your friends. You criticize people you do not know based on first impressions, and you critique the work of others.

It's a way of relating, a way of shouting your value into the world, but a destructive one, almost by definition. You tear down, you deconstruct. It's habit. It's easy.

It's safe to criticize, and scary to dig deep into your soul, create something that expresses your self, and share it with others. I wish we formed this new habit, so when we feel the urge to complain and criticize, instead we turn that energy into something creative.